DSC Manager (Beta)

Are you already deploying Desired State Configuration (DSC) to provide and configure your server environment? Then you also know some of the challenges that come with it, such as no graphical user interface, no easy assignment of configurations, and a lack of reporting. Which is precisely where our DSC Manager comes in.

DSC Manager enables centralized, web-based management of DSC Clients, configurations and PowerShell modules. The portal becomes the primary destination for all aspects of configuration management. Regardless of whether DSC Clients are in their own network or somewhere in the cloud, you always know the status of your servers, can identify configuration drifts within a feasible time period, and correct them automatically or manually.

Our products can assist you in these areas


  • Centralized management of all DSC artifacts
  • Graphical, web-based interface
  • Increased transparency for server environment status
  • Compliance reliability

Key Features


  • Manage pull servers
  • Visualize, manage, and assign configurations
  • Manage PowerShell modules
  • LCM remote configuration
  • Monitor changes
  • HTML reports and dashboards

Your Contact

Glenn Mattys

Solution Architect

Are you interested in our DSC Manager? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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